Bible Study

We are redesigning our bible study

Christianity Explored

We run a variety of courses for non-christians interested in learning more about the faith, as well as Christians who want to go a little deeper in their studies.

Hope Explored

Life Explored

Christianity Explored

Discipleship Explored

We run these courses as needed. Please use the contact page to let us know if you are interested. These can be run as one-on-one or in a group setting.

Dig Deeper

These are a series of talks posted on the Pastors own YouTube channel: 
Know the Bible Build your Faith
The aim is to help people understand the core truths of the Bible.
The talks involve collecting and understanding all the relevant passages in the Bible on various topics and then summarising their teachings clearly so that we know what to believe about each topic.


Refresh an opportunity to meet and chat over free refreshments.
On some Thursdays we have “topic” days where we invite speakers or people with practical skills to offer useful advice.

In the main church hall every Thursday from 10:30am.
We can offer confidential help, should you wish to speak to someone.
Drop in, call or text us on ​07919651318 or click the contact us button on the menu bar.