The Vine Christian Community Church

The Call to Faith

Join us as we go through the books of the post-exile minor prophets - Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi

The postexilic prophets pronounce with great boldness the Lord’s sovereignty over the nations and his commitment to bless his chosen people. Like that of the prophets before them, the call of the postexilic prophets is first and foremost a call to faith: faith in God, faith in his gracious promises, and faith in the coming Messiah.

Sermon Twitch Podcast
Part 1 - The Time is Now
Part 2 - Greater Glory and Peace WATCH LISTEN
Part 3 - Defiled but not Defeated WATCH LISTEN
Part 4 - Forever God WATCH LISTEN
Part 6 - The Accused Made Righteous WATCH LISTEN