Values, Vision & Mission

Church is primarily about providing a place people can come together to learn about God, the Bible and how it brings meaning to life today.

We believe that the local church, first and foremost, should not be ashamed in talking about God and how salvation through Jesus Christ can literally change people’s lives through discovering the power of repentance.

Church can be a place that brings the local community together, not to “put on a show” every Sunday, but to reflect the reality that we are Christians who are real people that often struggle with the realities of life just like everyone else.

Part of our mission is to change the expectation that people have of Church for the better. We believe the local church should be made of the local community. It should empower people by providing a way to connect with the mission of the Church.

We believe that being a Christian is more than just what happens on a Sunday. We believe in the concept of “frontlines”. This means that the Church is responsible for making sure, that whatever job you do during the week or on the weekend, be it stay at home Mum/Dad, working in an office, building site, public services or any other place, that you are equipped to stand firm in your faith in the day to day as well as in life.

We want to show that it is entirely possible, with patience and perseverance, to learn the answer to life's questions through the Christian faith. We can learn how the Bible can teach us how to grow closer in understanding who God is, what He wants for us and how much He loves us.

We believe that Church should not be a shallow religious experience, but one that is engaging.  We primarily teach people about the Bible. We don't show you how to "live your best life now" or teach "Lifestyle Christianity" as merely some better way to live your life and "be good".

We believe that everything you need to know to live your life as a Christian can be found in the Bible. So our teaching is methodical and puts the Word of God at the centre of everything we do. 

Sunday meeting

What happens on a Sunday

During our Sunday service our main aim is to teach the Word of God (The Bible) to those who want to come and learn. We want to gain understanding, knowledge and wisdom to apply to our everyday life as Christians. Our service consists of 3 main elements. 
Worship (a time of singing to God), prayer (speaking to God) and teaching (Learning what God has written down in the Bible).
We have a creche where parents can go with babies and toddlers during parts of the service, where we also have a screen so you are still able to watch the service.

During Term-time we now have a youth church where chlidren aged up to around 12 years, go and do some interactive worksheets and craft, as well as games. The young people then come back in after the sermon and we have a short family time together. This includes having the children tell us what they learned about the bible, as well as a short video on the key lesson for that week. 


How long are Sunday services?

Its about 1hr 30 minutes. You can stay afterwards and get to know us.

What do kids do during the service?

We have opened our new creche for babies and toddlers. 
For older children over 12 years we keep them in the service. We have launched our new youth church that gives children up to 12 years the chance to learn about the Bible in a relevant context. 
We also have a short family service after the sermon to find out what the children learned.

What is the music like?

We enjoy music and singing as part of our worship to God. Our morning service has a mixture of modern contemporary music and some classic worship songs. We use the worship music to give thanks and pray to God.

Car parking

We have a car park with a capacity for about 8 cars. If you have to park on the road, please be considerate towards our neighbours and park responsibly.

Bus routes

There are two nearby bus stops that stop either side of the church on the road adjacent to us - Okehampton Crescent. Buses 422, B11 & 96 stop nearby.

What is our denomination?

We are part of the Baptist Union of Churches, but we are first and foremost a Church of God's people.