Who doesn't love a good film?

Whether it’s a blockbuster action film, a romantic comedy or a family movie - film speaks to us in a way that only art can…But there is a question that really gets to the heart of everything……“What’s the film about...?”.

There are just so many ways to approach that all-important question… We could simply explain the plot of the film and summarise what happened from beginning to end…

Or, we could go deeper and assess what beliefs are at the heart of the film. In other words, what we think the film-makers’ worldviews are, and identify whether they are true or false… Very few of us get to that answer, often because we don’t have the tools to test the cultural worldviews around us.

The Worldview Film Club is designed to look at what worldviews are, why they matter, and most importantly how to use biblical scripture as the ultimate test of a worldview.

Cultural Worldviews

It’s a sad fact that our culture no longer looks to the Bible for absolute truth, and instead relies on relative truth – “your truth” and “my truth”. Yet, we still have the God-inspired longings for redemption, salvation, purpose and meaning. This is why cultural worldviews attempt to fill the void with poor imitations of the stories our souls long for.

A path to redemption

every film tells a story of a hero’s character transforming from darkness to light and finding redemption. The audience has a chance to escape reality and leave the movie theatre imagining things have been resolved


whether everyday folk or superhumans, they are just like us – struggling and making mistakes. There is no trace of the true perfection, found only in Jesus, the God-Man who never sinned.

Purpose & meaning

most films assume that life has meaning and that people have value and purpose. A person’s purpose may be to save the day, to be successful, but where does it end?

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